The Revenger's Tragedy


  • Vindice, the revenger, frequently disguised as Piato (both the 1607 and 1608 printings render his name variously as Vendici, Vindici and Vindice, with the latter spelling most frequent).
  • Hippolito, Vindice's brother, sometimes called Carlo.
  • Castiza, their sister.
  • Gratiana, a widow, mother of Vindice, Hippolito, and Castiza.
  • The Duke.
  • The Duchess, the duke's second wife.
  • Lussurioso, the duke's son from an earlier marriage, and his heir.
  • Spurio, the duke's second son, a bastard.
  • Ambitioso, the duchess's first son.
  • Supervacuo, the duchess's middle son.
  • Junior Brother, the duchess's third son.
  • Antonio, a discontented lord at the Duke's court.
  • Antonio's wife, raped by Junior Brother
  • Piero, a discontented lord at the Duke's court.
  • Nobles, allies of Lussurioso.
  • Lords, followers of Antonio.
  • The Duke's gentlemen.
  • Two Judges.
  • Spurio's two Servants.
  • Four Officers.
  • A Prison-Keeper.
  • Dondolo, Castiza's servant.
  • Nencio and Sordido, Lussurioso's servants.
  • Ambitioso's henchman.

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