The Return of the Soldier Characters

The Return of the Soldier Character List

Chris Baldry

Chris is arguably the main character in the story and a real gentleman. He has been away at war and now returns to his wife Kitty Baldry. Chris is not fully explored by the narrator and is just seen as the soldier he is, but with suppressed romantic feelings. His love is fought for by both Kitty and Margaret.

Kitty Baldry

Kitty Baldry is the wife of Chris Baldry. She is a very upper-class woman and reveks in the expectations of people deemed to be 'upper class'. She is obsessed with being in control and having manners and living the perfect, happy life.

Margaret Grey

She is Kitty's main rival for Chris Baldry's love. She loved Chris when she was younger and now Chris is in a love triangle with her and his wife Kitty. Margaret is not 'upper class' like Chris and Kitty but has always been cheerful and happy with her life, despite having a modest background.


She is the narrator of the story and tell us about how Chris Baldry returns from the war to his wife, Kitty Baldry but with the complication of his former flame, Margaret Grey. Chris loves Margaret and has never actually loved his wife. However, Margaret is from a modest background compared to Chris and Kitty Baldry.

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