The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

Characters and settings

  • Dogsborough → Paul von Hindenburg
  • Arturo Ui → Adolf Hitler
  • Giri → Hermann Göring
  • Roma → Ernst Röhm
  • Givola → Joseph Goebbels
  • Dullfeet → Engelbert Dollfuß (assassinated Chancellor of Austria)
  • Caulifower Trust → Prussian Junkers (subsidized German landowners)
  • Clark (of the Trust) → Franz von Papen
  • Vegetable dealers → Petty bourgeoisie
  • Gangsters → Fascists
  • Fish → Marinus van der Lubbe (the Danish Communist convicted of burning down the Reichstag)

Equivalents for places and things cited in the text are:

  • Chicago → Germany
  • Cicero → Austria
  • Dock Aid scandal → Eastern Aid scandal
  • the Warehouse → the Reichstag


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