The Outcasts of Poker Flat Characters

The Outcasts of Poker Flat Character List

John Oakhurst

The protagonist of the story. He is a professional gambler who is forced out of Poker Flat because he wins all the games and takes the townspeople's money. He is kind, cool-tempered and he believes in luck and fate. After witnessing so much death, he takes his own life at the end of the story.


The Duchess

A prostitute who is forced out of Poket Flat. She treats Piney Woods with a great deal of care, and dies whilst holding her.

Mother Shipton

Another prostitute who is also forced out of Poker Flat. She starves herself to death just to make sure Piney Woods gets her nutrition.

Uncle Billy

A thief and an alcoholic, who is forced out of town just like the others. He is the intolerant one of the group, and he runs away taking the animals.

Tom Simson

Also referred as "the Innocent", is a young man who runs away with his lover to get married. He has an admiration to Oakhurst, as when they played poker before, Oakhurst won the game but then gave his money back, making him promise to never play again as he is terrible at it.

Piney Woods

Tom's lover. She dies in the Duchess' arms.

Jake Woods

He is the father of Piney. He is only referred to in the story.

Jim Wheeler

Resident of Poker Flat, who suggests to hang Oakhurst, in order to get rid of him and get their money back.

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