The Nose (Akutagawa)


The nose is a protuberance in vertebrates which admits and expels air for respiration and contains olfactory receptors for sensing odors.

Nose may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment
  • "The Nose" (Akutagawa short story), a 1916 short story by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
  • "The Nose" (Gogol short story), a 1836 short story by Nikolai Gogol
    • The Nose (opera), a 1930 opera by Dmitri Shostakovich based on the Gogol short story
  • The Nose (magazine), an 1989–1995 satirical California-based magazine
  • The Nose (film), a 1977 Soviet TV film
  • Alberto Nosè (born 1979), an Italian pianist
  • Seiki Nose (born 1952), a Japanese judoka
  • Nose Yoritsugu (1562–1626), a Japanese samurai
  • The Nose (El Capitan), a climbing route on El Capitan
  • Nose, Osaka, a town in Japan
  • Noše, a settlement in Slovenia
  • The Noses, Big Nose and Little Nose, two steep bluffs between which the Mohawk River flows in the town of Mohawk, Montgomery County, New York
Other uses
  • Nose cone, the forward part of an aircraft or spacecraft
  • Nose Railway, a subsidiary of Hankyu Railway, a Japanese private railway
  • Nose Station, a train station in Tsubata, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Google Nose, an April Fool's Day joke
  • nose, a Python unit test framework
  • Perfumer
See also
  • Big Nose George (died 1881), an American Old West cattle rustler
  • Big Nose Kate (1850–1940), common-law wife of Old West figure Doc Holliday
  • Jack McCall (1852 or 1853–1877), aka "Crooked Nose Jack" or "Broken Nose Jack", murderer of Old West legend "Wild Bill" Hickok
  • List of noses, locations which are called "nose"
  • Noses Creek, Cobb County, Georgia

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