The Magus



  • Nicholas Urfe – The protagonist, a 25-year-old Englishman who goes to Greece to teach English and one day stumbles upon 'the waiting room.'
  • Alison Kelly – Nicholas' recent Australian girlfriend, whom he abandons to go to Greece.
  • Maurice Conchis – Wealthy intellectual who is a main player in the masques.
  • Lily de Seitas – Young woman who is involved in the masques and with whom Nicholas falls in love.


  • Joe – young black gypsy, involved in the masques.
  • Maria – Conchis' maid.
  • Demetriades – fellow teacher at the school.
  • Lily de Seitas (older) – Lily's mother.
  • Rose de Seitas – Lily's identical twin sister
  • Benji de Seitas – the younger brother of the Seitas twins.
  • Kemp – Unmarried woman who rents Nicholas a room in London.
  • Jojo – Young girl whom Nicholas pays to accompany him.

Story characters

  • de Deukans
  • Gustav Nygaard
  • Henrik Nygaard
  • Anton
  • Wimmel

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