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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Quizzes

by Washington Irving

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Quiz 1

1. How does Diedrich Knickerbocker come to know this story?

  • He met Ichabod when he was a judge.
  • He visited Sleepy Hollow, where old wives told him the story.
  • He was distantly related to the Van Tassels.
  • He heard it from an old man at a corporation meeting.

2. Why do the town historians believe the Headless Horseman is often near the church?

  • They believe his body is buried in the churchyard.
  • They believe he is trying to atone for his sins and get to heaven.
  • They believe he died looking for sanctuary.
  • They believe he died while attacking the church.

3. What building was designed so that a thief could get in easily but not get out?

  • The church.
  • Ichabod Crane’s house.
  • Baltus Van Tassel's farmhouse.
  • The school house.

4. What is Ichabod vain about?

  • His height.
  • His singing voice.
  • His clothes.
  • His house.

5. Which of these characters did not grow up near Sleepy Hollow?

  • Brom Bones.
  • Hans Van Ripper.
  • Katrina Van Tassel.
  • Ichabod Crane.

6. At which of the following is Ichabod least skilled?

  • Horseback riding.
  • Dancing.
  • Singing.
  • Teaching.

7. Which of the following is true of Ichabod Crane as a teacher?

  • He frequently disciplines his students with a rod.
  • He treats every student exactly the same.
  • He spoils his students.
  • He only cares about his brightest students.

8. What does Brom start to do to win Katrina from Ichabod when he realizes that Ichabod will not fight him?

  • He plays practical jokes on Ichabod.
  • He educates himself so he can rival Ichabod.
  • He spreads rumors about Ichabod.
  • He tries to win over Katrina’s father.

9. Which of the following best categorizes “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?"

  • Melodrama.
  • Memoir.
  • Horror.
  • Humor.

10. What does Mrs. Van Tassel spend most of her time doing?

  • Cooking and cleaning.
  • Watching out for Katrina.
  • Looking after her hens.
  • Teaching singing lessons.

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