The History Boys


  • Headmaster (Felix Armstrong) - Headmaster
  • Douglas Hector - English/General Studies teacher
  • Irwin - History teacher; brought in as a special coach
  • Mrs Dorothy Lintott - History teacher
  • Akthar - Pupil; of Asian ancestry, Muslim
  • Crowther - Pupil; acts as a hobby
  • Dakin - Pupil; handsome, object of Posner's and Irwin's affection
  • Lockwood - Pupil; strong opinions
  • David Posner - Pupil; youngest, gay and Jewish
  • Rudge - Pupil; better known for athletic skills than for intelligence
  • Scripps - Pupil; Anglican, plays piano
  • Timms - Pupil; joker, overweight
  • Director on Irwin's television programme (a small role)

Irwin is said to be modelled after Niall Ferguson.[2]

The play includes several non-speaking roles:

  • Make-Up Woman, Production team - on Irwin's television show
  • Three or four unidentified MPs - spoken to by Irwin in opening scene
  • Other male pupils (optional, can help with scene changes and/or play piano if the actor cast as Scripps cannot)
  • Fiona - Headmaster's secretary; object of Dakin's affection/lust. Does not appear on stage in the published text, but was seen in filmed projections featuring Rio by Duran Duran during the original production.

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