The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


  • Mikael Blomkvist – Journalist, publisher and part-owner of the monthly magazine Millennium
  • Lisbeth Salander – Freelance surveillance agent and researcher, specialising in investigating people on behalf of Milton Security
  • Henrik Vanger – Retired industrialist and former CEO of Vanger Corporation
  • Harriet Vanger – Henrik's grandniece
  • Martin Vanger – Brother of Harriet and CEO of the Vanger Corporation
  • Gottfried Vanger – Martin and Harriet's deceased father
  • Isabella Vanger – Gottfried Vanger's wife and Martin and Harriet's mother
  • Cecilia Vanger – Daughter of Harald Vanger and one of Henrik's nieces
  • Anita Vanger – Cecilia's sister and one of Harriet's second cousins
  • Birger Vanger – Cecilia and Anita's brother
  • Harald Vanger – Henrik's brother, a member of the Swedish Nazi Party
  • Hans-Erik Wennerström – Corrupt billionaire financier
  • Robert Lindberg – Banker and Blomkvist's source for the libelous story
  • William Borg – Blomkvist's nemesis
  • Monica Abrahamsson – Blomkvist's wife whom he married in 1986 and divorced in 1991
  • Pernilla Abrahamsson – Their daughter who was born in 1986
  • Holger Palmgren – Salander's lawyer and legal guardian
  • Nils Bjurman – Salander's legal guardian and lawyer after Palmgren
  • Erika Berger – Editor-in-chief/majority owner of Millennium monthly magazine, and Blomkvist's long-standing lover
  • Dirch Frode – Former lawyer for Vanger Corporation, now lawyer with one client: Henrik Vanger
  • Dragan Armansky – CEO and COO of Milton Security
  • Plague – Computer hacker/genius
  • Christer Malm – Director, art designer and part-owner of Millennium
  • Janne Dahlman – Managing editor of Millennium
  • Gustaf Morell – Retired Detective Superintendent
  • Anna Nygren – Henrik Vanger's house keeper
  • Gunnar Nilsson – Henrik's caretaker

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