The Chrysalids Themes

The Chrysalids Themes


Many times in the book, characters helped each other out in order to achieve mutual goal. We saw David help out Sophie when she got her foot stuck. We also saw Uncle axel help out David when David asked him for tips on running away. The struggles that the protagonists go through to reach their goal are often aided by surrounding friends. David often helped Petra when she was feeling uncomfortable and he even helped her to realize her telepathic abilities. Probably the greatest act of friendship in the whole book was when Michael stayed behind to stay with Rachel and potentially lose the opportunity to ever leave Waknuk. Harsh times were often accompanied by friendship, and that is why almost all the protagonists were able to reach their goal.


Intolerance is among the biggest themes in the Chrysalids. So many of the characters were unable to accept each other’s views and beliefs leading to persecution and even death. For example, Joseph Strorm only accepts people that follow his ways, his views and his beliefs. He would destroy all sorts of "deviants" because he feels they are demons not created by God. He even kicked out his own brother because he has long arms. Similarly, the Sealand lady, despite being a lot more respectable than Joseph, does not like people who are not telepaths. She called them "inferior" and claimed that they are not respected in Sealand. Lastly, the Fringes people do not believe in God, and they hate the people of Waknuk because they do believe in God. They are intolerant of anybody who is "normal", and they pretty much live as outcasts. Every single group in the Chrysalids are unable to agree with each other, hence, the theme of intolerance.


David and the group were all isolated from the Waknuk society because of their deviant qualities. They knew that their entire town is against them and eventually, it forces them to leave. Isolation has a little bit to do with intolerance as the inability to grasp the concept of other beliefs has led to persecution and isolation. Sophie was also isolated simply because she had 6 toes and she had to be kept secret from the Waknuk society that would kick her out if she was found out. Every single deviant is considered an outcast in Waknuk society, and that is why it is a major theme in this book.