The Black Stallion


Ziyadah - Sire of the Black and known as "Firetail". He is a chestnut gold stallion who is in The Black Stallion's Mystery

The Black Stallion/Shêtân - the black Arabian crossbred stallion who is the main character of the Black Stallion series. He is strong, fast, temperamental, and shares a strong bond with Alec. He was originally bred in Arabia, the property of Abu Ja' Kub ben Ishak, but ultimately was captured or stolen, placed on a ship to a destination unknown, where he first encounters Alec. After the two are shipwrecked and then rescued, he is taken to America by Alec, and becomes a horse to reckon with out on the racetrack.

Napoleon - a mature, gentle gelding belonging to Tony, a vegetable seller. Often fondly called "Nappy", he plays a larger role in the first several books. Napoleon is the Black's stable mate and close pal, but he and Satan were not on good terms in the beginning, due to Satan's original savage nature. Napoleon pulls Tony's vegetable cart through the smaller areas of New York, though he eventually is retired and becomes the Black's full-time companion.

Satan - the Black's first colt, all black with a white diamond on his forehead. He is at first a dangerous, brutal colt, and nearly kills Alec. Henry eventually tames Satan, turning him into a racing legend. Ultimately Satan and Henry develop a close bond.

Bonfire - The Black Stallion's second colt in the books The Blood Bay Colt and The Black Stallion's Sulky Colt. He competes in the famed Hambletonian.

Black Minx - the Black's first filly is all black and has issues from poor handling and a sensitive temperament. Purchased at auction by Henry, who has trained many horses but not actually owned one, he overcomes her quirks, even fashioning her a false tail to replace her docked one to boost her confidence. Henry trains her as a racehorse and with Alec in the saddle, they go on to win the Kentucky Derby. She is slightly lazy and lacks the drive for racing, and also develops what appears to be an obsession with a rival colt, Wintertime, which ultimately leads to her retirement. Walter Farley felt that the Black's first daughter needed the perfect name, and so he turned to his readers with the prize of a filly if their name for the Black's first daughter was selected in a contest.

Sagr - Owned by Abd-al-Rhaman, Sagr is a giant chestnut stallion also from Arabia, with similar features as Shêtân. He is big, strong, and bold. He is a worthy rival to The Black.

Jôhar - A Nejdi purebred Arabian mare owned by Tabari, a gray with a pure white coat. She becomes the dam of The Black's first foal, Satan.

Flame - the chestnut stallion found on Azul Island by Steve Duncan. Flame strongly resembles an Arabian, though much larger - similar to The Black. He equals the Black Stallion in a match race.

Wintertime - a small, quick, blood-bay stallion, a rival to Black Minx. He is retired after an injury on the track, and becomes Black Minx's mate.

Eclipse - a dark brown colt with a white blaze, initially beaten by Black Minx, who soon matures into a powerful contender who takes on older, more experienced horses and becomes almost an equal to the Black's fame and speed.

Casey- an experienced, winning chestnut horse whose speed and skilled jockey tests the Black and Alec in a three-way race that includes Eclipse.

Sun Raider and Cyclone - the first two champion horses that the Black competes against and ultimately beats in a match race billed as "the race of the century."

The Ghost - a beautiful light grey mare, a liberty dressage superstar, featured in The Black Stallion's Ghost. The eerie tale culminates when Alec is obsessed to purchase this mare and breed her to The Black. Her foal with the Black is never seen in the books that are written by Walter Farley, but his son Steven Farley invents the foal as a steeplechaser race horse named Black Storm.

Black Pepper - daughter of Black Minx, presumably by Wintertime.

Black Sand - Son of Satan, a promising young colt and favorite of Pam Athena, who must overcome his fears that were linked to abuse by a previous owner.

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