The Beggar's Opera


Mr. Peachum – powerful first class man/ controls who gets sent to the gallows
Lockit – jail keeper
Macheath – captain of gang of robbers
Filch – the Peachums' loyal and squeamish servant
Jemmy Twitcher Macheath's Gang
Crook-Finger'd Jack
Wat Dreary
Robin of Bagshot
Nimming Ned – ("Nimming" meaning thieving)
Harry Padington
Matt of the Mint
Ben Budge
Mrs. Peachum
Polly Peachum
Lucy Lockit
Diana Trapes
Mrs. Coaxer Women of the Town
Dolly Trull – ("Trull" meaning prostitute)
Mrs. Vixen
Betty Doxy – ("Doxy" meaning slut)
Jenny Diver
Mrs. Slammekin
Sukey Tawdrey
Molly Brazen

jailor drawer constables

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