Understanding Nutrition 14th Edition

Published by Wadsworth Publishing
ISBN 10: 1-28587-434-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-28587-434-0

Chapter 3 - Digestion, Absorption, and Transport - Critical Thinking Questions: A


To prevent common digestive problems, food must be lubricated with fluid, too much would form a liquid that flows rapidly, too little would form a paste too dry and compact to move at all. Consequences could cause choking or severe problems due to food slipping down the wrong pipe. Strategies : relax while eating, eat slowly, chew thoroughly, take small bites, rest

Work Step by Step

After chewing the epiglottis closes over the larynx, blocking entrance to the lungs via the trachea. If the food (bolus) enters the wrong pipe, entering to the lungs, it causes a blockage to the passage of air. This results in lost ability to speak and gasp due to choking.
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