So Much to Tell You

Main characters

Students of Warrington

Marina May Jamison: Marina is the book's main character and narrator. Initially, she is heavily introverted and avoids contact with her fellow students. Also she has "anorexia of speech".

Cathy Gloria Preshill: The closest thing Marina has to a friend for most of the book. She invites Marina over for the holidays. She is tall and thin, and reads things like Illusions. She also enjoys writing poetry.

Sophie Marie Smith: One of the most promiscuous girls in the dorm, Sophie is loud and bubbly. Marina once saw Sophie saying to herself "I hate you, you off moll, you bitch", although she runs away crying when she sees Marina standing there.

Ann Chloe Maltin: Described by Marina as very nice and pretty. She had a clay eagle that Marina broke by accident.

Kate Isobel Mandeville: Kate is the loudest girl in the dorm, but has a side to her that no one but Marina knows. She always talks about sex and boys.

Lisa Scarlett Morris: Lisa is tall with lovely, lovely blonde hair. She is very Nordic looking. Lisa has a slight mark on one cheek from a skiing accident. She is strong and quiet but still popular, and seems like nothing can hurt her. Marina sees her crying violently on her bed when no one else is around, but doesn't find out why.

Tracey Jill McDonald: After Marina, Tracey is the most unpopular girl in the dorm, and is often more malicious to her than the others. Described as quite big and plain.

Emma Andrea Chew: Emma is from Hong Kong. She has red hair and braces and always seems quite cheerful.

Staff of Warrington

Mr Lindell: Marina's English teacher. He invites Marina to stay at his place several times. Marina trusts him the most.

Mrs Ransome: The school counsellor. Marina sees her at least once a week. She has a son who is out of control.

Mrs Graham: The Housemistress/Year Adviser. Disapproves of Marina's silent state.

Dr Whitely: The Headmistress of Warrington. Marina also mentions that she teaches Divinity.

Marina's parents

Robyn Jamison: Marina's mother comes across as unsympathetic and impatient for Marina to regain her ability to speak. She also comes across as fake and a selfish woman who only cares about herself. She sends Marina to boarding school to 'supposedly' learn to speak again but really her mother just wants her out of the way to make room for her new husband. Later in the book she goes to New York with her new partner whom she refers in her letters as JJ.

Tony Jamison: Marina's father

in the play is not so much a significant character however is always on Marinas mind. Marina is unsure about how to feel about him weather it be anger, grief, or forgiveness.

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