Settlers of the Marsh


Grove used so many aliases that Karl Wolfskehl called him a ”Pseudologe" and referred to his "Munchhausiaden."

FPG: he used these initials on both sides of the Atlantic.

Grove: an elegant modification of the author's real name, Greve. On the Immigration Manifesto of the White Star Liner Megantic on July 31, 1909, Grove's name was smudged, though the central vowel looks like an "o".

Fanny Essler: Joint pseudonym for F.P. Greve and Else Greve used in 1904-05, for poem published in Die Freistatt.

F. C. Gerden: used in correspondence with his Insel publishers for translations of decadent literature (Dowson, Browning).

Konrad Thorer: used for translations of Cervantes and Lesage.

Andrew R. Rutherford: a pseudonym suggested (but not used) for his first Canadian book Over Prairie Trails (1922); the name, which references Grove's friend Herman Kilian's maternal grandfather, a renowned Scottish judge, also appears in relation to his unpublished typescript in the University of Manitoba Archives, Jane Atkinson (ca. 1923, e-publ. 2000).

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