Samson Agonistes Background

Samson Agonistes Background

Samson Agonistes was published in 1671. It is a story based on the Old Testament, Judge 13-16. Being written in blank verse, it is a tragic closet drama by Thomas Milton. It tells of Samson's death while a prisoner of the Philistines.  In this piece the curious interest of Milton is discernible. He finds more than one resemblance to the Biblical hero.The story Of Samson as a tragic hero is well portrayed by him. It has the strict unity of time,  place and action the universal constituents of Greek tragedy. The blend of two different cultures Presents Samson as a hero who, rather than raging against the Olympian deities, supplicates himself to the one true Christian God whom he Calls upon to save him. The tragic end of Samson touches the heart of one who observes his pain with subtlety and with a sensitive heart. The style in which it is written is bleak and bare, in place it's harsh and forbidding. But, in several places Milton's stubborn soul is wrung with pity and exalted by the hope that looks beyond. This drama marks Miltons grandeur and his dexterity even in the last moments of his life and helps him to gain a place in which he could be called one of the greatest figures in the English literature. 


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