Pretty Woman Cast List

Pretty Woman Cast List

Richard Gere

Edward Lewis is a successful and wealthy venture capitalist who is the son of a respected successful business mogul father. He is a NewYork native and because of this becomes lost when driving back to his hotel from a social event, finding himself in a seedy Hollywood district where Vivian Ward, a prostitute working the street offers directions back to his hotel. He asks her to stay with him as his companion and as they change each other they fall in love, and find their happy ever after.

Julia Roberts

Vivian is a young woman who has been dealt a bad hand by life and as a result of one bad decision after another finds herself working as a prostitute on the streets of Los Angeles's underbelly. She is a sweet, sensitive girl whose personality breaks down the wall that Edward Lewis has built around his heart. Vivian is the eponymous "Pretty Woman" and the movie is the story of her transformation from the wrong side of the tracks to belle of the ball.

Laura San Giacomo

Kit is Vivian's best friend an also her protector, having guided her through her first months as a prostitute. Kit and Vivian work together and are room-mates. Kit is the more earthy of the two girls and even though she does not find love in the movie she does manage to find a better life, giving up her life as a prostitute for cosmetology school.

Hector Elizondo

Barney Thompson is the Manager of the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where Edward Lewis is a valued guest. Barney is a stickler for propriety and although initially disapproving of Edward's guest quickly becomes Vivian's biggest supporter and confidante and ultimately being the conduit that brings them together in a happy ending.

Ralph Bellamy

James Morse is the owner and president of the troubled company that is the object of a hostile take-over bid from Edward Lewis. Morse and his son are combative with Lewis but seem intrigued by Vivian, witnessing the change in Edward that is precipitated by Vivian and ultimately go into business with him rebuilding their failing company together.

Alex Hyde White

David is James Morse's son and they work side by side in the family business. David is protective of his father but his genuine friendship with Vivian is the trigger for Edwaed's revelation to his friend and employee Phillip Stuckey that she is a prostitute, making David pivotal in their relationship.

Jason Alexander

Stuckey is Edward's accountant and erstwhile friend who sees Edward as his route to the top. He is jealous of Vivian and sees himself being replaced by her in Edward's life. As soon as he learns her true identity he assaults her which leads to the severing of the relationship between Edward and himself. The incident also suggests to Edward that he feels more strongly about Vivian than he realized.

Patrick Richwood

Although a character without spoken lines, the burgeoning relationship between Vivian and Edward can be traced through Dennis's facial expressions and observational smiles, making him part of the story almost like a mime artist, or a visual actor in a silent movie.

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