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Othello Quizzes

by William Shakespeare

Othello Quiz 1

1. Desdemona's father is:

  • Brabantio
  • Gratiano
  • Roderigo
  • Lodovico

2. Which character recruits Iago to woo Desdemona for himself?

  • Cassio
  • Montano
  • Roderigo
  • Lodovico

3. Who does Othello allow to bring Desdemona to Cyprus?

  • Cassio
  • Rodgerigo
  • Iago
  • Lodovico

4. What event delays Othello's arrival on Cyprus?

  • a storm
  • a mutiny
  • further accusation from Brabantio
  • a battle with the Turks

5. How does Cassio feel about Desdemona?

  • she would be better off with him
  • she is a good, honorable woman
  • he loves her strongly
  • her marriage was a mistake

6. Why does Cassio become Othello's lieutenant?

  • because Cassio is the opposite of Othello
  • because of prior success in battle
  • because Othello does not trust Iago
  • because of his high social position

7. Which of these best summarizes Iago's views of women?

  • women are weak-willed, and need guidance
  • they are lusty, but misguided
  • they are needy, dependent, and nagging
  • they are deceptive, lusty, and manipulative

8. Which of these is Othello NOT insecure about?

  • his age
  • his "rough" manners
  • his race
  • his position and rank

9. Which of these does Iago NOT cite as a motive for his revenge?

  • Desdemona's rejection of him
  • rumors that Othello slept with Emilia
  • his envy and hate of Cassio
  • his bitterness at not getting promoted

10. How does Iago get Cassio to quarrel with Roderigo?

  • he tells Cassio of Roderigo's insults
  • he convinces Cassio that Roderigo wants to steal Bianca
  • he makes Roderigo Cassio's rival for Desdemona
  • he gets Cassio drunk

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