North and South


  • Miss Margaret Hale — The protagonist
  • Mr. John Thornton — The owner of a local mill, a friend and student of Margaret's father, and Margaret's love interest.
  • Nicholas Higgins — An industrial worker whom Margaret befriends. He has two daughters, Bessy and Mary.
  • Mrs. Hannah Thornton — Mr. Thornton's mother, who dislikes Margaret
  • Fanny Thornton — Younger sister of Mr. John Thornton
  • Bessy — Nicholas Higgins's daughter, who suffers from a fatal illness from working the mills
  • Mary — Nicholas Higgins's youngest daughter
  • Boucher — An industrial worker and father of six children with conflicted emotions during the strike
  • Mr. Richard Hale — Margaret's father, a dissenter who leaves his vicarage in Helstone to work as a private tutor in Milton
  • Mrs. Maria Hale — Margaret's mother, a woman from a respectable London family.
  • Dixon — A servant of the Hales, very loyal and devoted to Mrs. Hale
  • Mr. Bell — An old friend of Mr. Hale, god-father to Margaret and her brother
  • Mrs. Shaw — Margaret's aunt, Edith's mother, and Mrs. Hale's sister
  • Edith — Margaret's cousin, married to Captain Lennox
  • Mr. Henry Lennox — A young lawyer, brother of Captain Lennox. Margaret rebuffs his romantic interest early in the story
  • Frederick Hale — Margaret's older brother, a fugitive living in Spain since his involvement in a mutiny while serving in the British Navy
  • Leonards — Frederick's fellow sailor who didn't mutiny and wants to hand Frederick in to get a reward

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