Native Speaker




  • Henry Park: An industrial spy who is assigned to be on John Kwang's pre-campaign team. His Korean name is Byong-ho.
  • Lelia Park: Henry's estranged wife who is a speech therapist from a wealthy, Scottish-American East Coast family. She met Henry at a party during one of his initial assignments.
  • Mitt Park : Henry and Lelia's son who died at the age of seven.
  • John Kwang: A Korean-American politician running for Mayor of New York who becomes a surrogate father to Henry.
  • Emile Luzan: A Filipino-American therapist whom Henry spied on but ended up befriending. He helped Henry recover from Mitt's death.
  • Sherrie Chin-Watt: John Kwang's PR assistant. Married to an American banker, but having an affair with Kwang.
  • Mr Park: Henry's father, a strict man who was once an electric engineer in Korea.
  • Mrs Park: Henry's mother who died from cancer when Henry was ten.
  • Dennis Hoagland: Henry's boss.
  • Maid (Ahjumah): A young Korean woman who took care of Henry as a child.
  • May: John's wife whom he met when she came from Korea.
  • Sophie: Jack's Italian-American wife.
  • Jack: Henry's best friend and coworker who is a Greek-American.
  • Janice Pawlowsky: Henry's manager of John Kwang.
  • Eduardo Fermin: A Latino man who idolizes John Kwang. He dies during a fire at Kwang's campaign headquarters. He's also a spy for Hoagland's spy firm, but John Kwang thinks he works for mayor De La Roos's reelection campaign.
  • Pete Ichibata: A Japanese co-worker known for crude jokes and excessive drinking.
  • John Kwang Jr: John's and May's son and Peter's brother troubled with school who reminded Henry of his son Mitt
  • Peter Kwang: John Jr's brother and Son of John and May
  • Lelia's parents: Henry's parents in laws and Mitt's grandparents

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