Mississippi Trial, 1955

Further reading

  • The Murder of Emmett Till. American Experience Transcript and additional materials for PBS film.
  • Emmett Till at DMOZ
  • The original 1955 Jet magazine with Emmett Till's murder story pp. 6–9, and Emmett Till's Legacy 50 Years Later" in Jet, 2005.
  • 1985 documentary, The Murder and the Movement: The Story of the Murder of Emmett Till
  • NPR pieces on the Emmett Till murder
  • Emmett Till Math & Science Academy (Chicago)
  • Keith Beauchamp's The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till
  • Devery S. Anderson, "A Wallet, a White Woman, and a Whistle: Fact and Fiction in Emmett Till's Encounter in Money, Mississippi," Southern Quarterly Summer 2008
  • Booknotes interview with Christopher Benson on Death of Innocence: The Story of the Hate Crime That Changed America, April 25, 2004.

Fictionalized accounts of Till and the ensuing events

  • Wolf Whistle (1993) by Lewis Nordan
  • The Sacred Place (2007) by Daniel Black
  • Juvenile fiction: Mississippi Trial, 1955 (2003) by Chris Crowe
  • Poem: Emmett Till (1991) by James Emanuel
  • Drama: The State of Mississippi and the Face of Emmett Till (2005) by David Barr
  • Poem: A Wreath for Emmett Till (2005) by Marilyn Nelson
  • Musical: The Ballad of Emmett Till (2008) by Ifa Bayeza
  • Drama: Anne and Emmett (2009) by Janet Langhart
  • Gathering of Waters (2012) by Bernice L. McFadden

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