1. ^ Spelled "Rysio" in Polish. "Richieu" is Spiegelman's misspelling, as he had not previously seen his brother's name written down.[11]
  2. ^ Born Itzhak Avraham ben Zev, his name was changed to Arthur Isadore when he immigrated with his parents to the US.[25]
  3. ^ Born Zev Spiegelman, with the Hebrew name Zev ben Abraham. His Polish name was Wladislaw ("Wladislaw" and "Wladec" are the spellings Spiegelman provides; the standard Polish spellings for these names are "Władysław" and "Władek"), of which "Wladec" is a diminutive. "Vladek" is the Russian version of this name, which was picked up when the area in which Vladek lived was controlled by Russia. This spelling was chosen for Maus as it was deemed the easiest spelling for English speakers to pronounce correctly. The German version of his name was "Wilhelm" (or "Wolf" for short), and he became William when he moved to the US.[30]
  4. ^ Born Andzia Zylberberg, with the Hebrew name Hannah. Her name became Anna when she and Vladek arrived in the US.[30]
  5. ^ Translated from Hebrew by Marilyn Reizbaum.[82]
  6. ^ Original French title: Mon Livre d'Heures ("My Book of Hours")

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