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King Lear Quizzes

by William Shakespeare

King Lear Quiz 1

1. King Lear banishes which of the following people from his kingdom?

  • Kent
  • the Fool
  • Gloucester
  • Regan

2. Lear is the king of which country?

  • Ireland
  • Denmark
  • Britain
  • France

3. Which suitor of Cordelia refuses to marry her after she is disinherited?

  • Edmund
  • Kent
  • Burgundy
  • France

4. Why does Cordelia refuse to flatter Lear as her sisters have done?

  • She is scared of her sisters as they have threatened to harm Lear if she competes for his affections.
  • She cannot think of a good answer to give them so is silent instead.
  • She finds them insincere and does not want to stoop to their level of hypocrisy.
  • She has promised France that she would not accept her division of the kingdom.

5. Who parallel's Lear in the subplot storyline?

  • Edmund
  • Kent
  • Gloucester
  • Edgar

6. How does Edmund first deceive Gloucester into believing that Edgar is plotting against him?

  • He has several servants and attendants tell Gloucester of rumors about Edgar's loyalty.
  • He pretends to hide a letter which he had fabricated, incriminating Edgar.
  • He tells Gloucester of several very suspicious purchases Edgar has made.
  • He stages a suspicious conversation with Edgar while Gloucester overhears.

7. Which of these characters could NOT be considered evil?

  • Albany
  • Edmund
  • Goneril
  • Regan

8. Which character spoke these lines, "I love your Majesty/ According to my bond, no more nor less" ?

  • Albany
  • Lear
  • Gloucester
  • Cordelia

9. Which act solidifies Lear's trust for his new servant, Caius (Kent disguised)?

  • Caius finds Lear a place of shelter in the storm at a neighbor's residence
  • Caius insults Goneril, defending Lear's claim that his knights are not rowdy
  • The Fool immediately ridicules Caius as he would ridicule Lear
  • Caius trips Oswald after Lear has struck him because he is being impolite

10. Why is Kent put in the stocks at Gloucester's castle?

  • Caius insults and then strikes Oswald, the servant, who cries out
  • Cornwall tries to show Regan how he is not afraid to use his authority
  • Regan thinks the act may drive her father over the edge and out of her hands
  • Caius refuses to act coldly toward Lear as Regan has instructed him

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