In a Grove Characters

In a Grove Character List

Kawasagu no Takehiro

Kawasagu no Takehiro is the name of the dead man found in the grove. According to his testimony told through a medium, he has killed himself after his wife Masago agreed to leave with her rapist Tajomaru and asked him to kill her husband. When he is reporting his account, Takehiro is still angry with Masago


Tajomaru is a well-known criminal captured by a police officer. In his report he confesses to the murder of Takehiro. According to him, after the rape Masago asked him to either kill himself or her husband, because she could not live with the shame. Tajomaru asserts he killed Takehiro in a duel. Afterwards he took Takehiro's possessions and left.


Masago is a 19 year old beautiful girl and the wife of Takehiro. Based on her report, she was raped by Tajomaru who fled after the deed, and was left with her husband who looked at her with hatred. As a result, she decided to kill herself, but wanted Takehiro to die with her. After she has killed Takehiro by plunging her dagger to his chest, she tried to kill herself couple of times, but all attempts turned out to unsuccessful. She finished telling her report in tears.

The old woman

The old woman identifies the corpse as her son-in-law Kawasagu no Takehiro, and the missing girl as her daughter Masago. She appeals to the police to find her daughter.

The Buddhist priest

The Buddhist priest reports he has seen the man travelling, accompanied by a woman on a horse and carrying a bow, a black quiver, and a sword.

The woodcutter

The woodcutter finds the corpse in the grove while doing his work. He reports that there were no weapons, only a rope and a comb, but that the man appears to have died from a wound in his chest. He adds that there was evidence for struggle.

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