• Roy Andrew Eberhardt – the new kid at Trace Middle School and the main protagonist, who quickly makes an enemy of the school bully, Dana Matherson, and makes two unusual friends,[2] Beatrice Leep and her truant step-brother "Mullet Fingers."
  • Beatrice Leep – "a tall girl with curly blond hair and red-framed glasses."[3] She is described as sinewy, tomboyish and aggressive, and is a member of the soccer team. At Trace Middle School, she's known as "Beatrice The Bear" (except by Roy).
  • Napoleon Bridger/"Mullet Fingers" – Beatrice's step brother, initially known to Roy as the mysterious barefoot kid. His name is not given until the final chapter; the nickname "Mullet Fingers" refers to his ability to catch a mullet with his bare hands. He has a bad relationship with his mother, who had sent him to military school. He usually runs away from his family to live on his own.
  • Officer David Delinko – an officer in the Coconut Cove police department, who is investigating the vandalism at the Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House construction site. Dutiful and ambitious, he develops sympathy for the owls and aids the kids.
  • Leroy "Curly" Branitt- the foreman on the Mother Paula's Pancake House construction site, where all of the mysterious vandalism happens. Officer Delinko notes the irony of his nickname, as he is "bald as a beach ball." He is also "cranky," "unsmiling," and suspicious of everyone.[4]
  • Dana Matherson – torments underclassmen as the typical bully. Just like other bullies, he is an antagonist who finds inflicting pain on others quite pleasurable. His mother fights with him and is a big bully just like him, and his father seems to try to discipline him.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eberhardt – Roy's parents. They are sensible and supportive. Mr. Eberhardt works in the federal Department of Justice, and helps Roy by checking Mother Paula's building permits. Mrs. Eberhardt likes yoga and is protective of Roy.
  • Chuck E. Muckle – the "vice president of Corporate Relations" [5] at Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House, and the novel's primary antagonist. He is portrayed as an arrogant, manipulative, ruthless, and corrupt executive, who pretends owls do not live on the site so he can bulldoze over their homes.
  • Leon and Lonna Leep contrast in personality. Mr Leep is Beatrice's decent but apathetic father, an ex-NBA player. He is remarried to a temperamental waitress, Lonna Leep.
  • Kimberly Lou Dixon – an actress who plays Mother Paula, the spokesperson for Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House.
  • Garrett – Roy's best and only friend at Trace Middle School. A skateboarder, popular in school, the king of phony farts, and a D student. His mother is also the school counselor.
  • Ms. Viola Hennepin – the vice principal at Trace Middle School. She attempts to discipline Roy on several occasions such as suspending him from the school bus for two weeks, though she knows Dana strangled him. She is described as having one long jet-black hair protruding out of her upper lip; later it mysteriously becomes blonde.

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