He Knew He Was Right

Characters of the novel

Main characters

  • Louis Trevelyan
  • Emily Trevelyan, wife of Louis Trevelyan and mother of his son, Louey
  • Sir Marmaduke Rowley, governor of the Mandarin Islands and father of eight daughters, including the eldest, Emily Trevelyan
  • Lady Rowley, wife of Sir Marmaduke Rowley
  • Nora Rowley, second daughter of Sir Marmaduke and Lady Rowley
  • Colonel Osborne, friend of Sir Marmaduke Rowley and godfather of Emily Trevelyan
  • Hugh Stanbury, journalist working for the Daily Record and friend of Louis Trevelyan; marries Nora Rowley
  • Miss Jemima Stanbury, spinster and aunt of Hugh Stanbury, who lives in the Cathedral Close in Exeter
  • Dorothy Stanbury, sister of Hugh Stanbury
  • Charles Glascock, wealthy son and heir of Lord Peterborough
  • Thomas Gibson, "one of the minor canons" in Devonshire, who marries Arabella French
  • Brooke Burgess, member of the Burgess banking family, who marries Dorothy Stanbury

Minor characters

  • Priscilla Stanbury, sister of Hugh and Dorothy Stanbury
  • Mrs Stanbury, mother of Hugh, Priscilla and Dorothy Stanbury
  • Lady Milborough
  • Mr Samuel Bozzle, former policeman and private detective employed by Louis Trevelyan
  • Mrs Bozzle
  • Lucy Rowley, daughter of Sir Marmaduke and Lady Rowley
  • Sophia Rowley, daughter of Sir Marmaduke and Lady Rowley
  • Barty Burgess, banker
  • Camilla French
  • Arabella French
  • Mrs French, mother of Camilla and Arabella French
  • Jonas Crump, brother of Mrs French
  • Mrs Crocket, publican
  • Mr Outhouse, vicar of St Diddulph's
  • Mrs Outhouse
  • Caroline Spalding, American who marries Charles Glascock
  • Miss Wallachia Petrie, American feminist visiting Italy with the Spalding family
  • Count Buonarosci, an Italian
  • Dr Nevill, doctor who tends to Louis Trevelyan during his illness
  • Mrs McHugh, friend of Jemima Stanbury
  • Martha, Jemima Stanbury's maid

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