Good Night, Mr. Tom Metaphors and Similes

Good Night, Mr. Tom Metaphors and Similes

Simile : Chapter One, Tom's Skin

"He was a towering giant with skin like coarse, wrinkled brown paper"

Because of the outdoorsy nature of his life, and the effects of the elements on his skin, Tom's skin is tanned brown and rough, with a pattern of lines and wrinkles traced through it.

Simile : Chapter One, Tom's Voice

Tom was said to have a "voice like thunder" from Willie's perspective as everything about Tom seems large and loud and overwhelming. His voice, which is actually normal and patient in tone, seems like a thunderclap to Willie because he is so quiet himself and so scared in his new situation.

Simile, Chapter Two : Willie

"The pain in Willie's stomach had gone, but he felt drained like a rag doll."

Rag dolls are soft and floppy, with sparse stuffing at the middle unlike a standard stuffed animal that is always chubby and overly-stuffed. Willie felt as though all the stuffing had been knocked out if him and felt himself to have no physical substance whatever.

Simile, Chapter Fifteen : Unpacking Willie's Bag

"It felt as though he was stripping naked in front of her."

As Willie unpacks his rucksack in front of his furious and vicious mother, he feels as though sharing his most treasured possessions is laying his soul too bare. Letting her see the possessions that reflect the person he has become feels like he is stripped bare in front of her which makes him feel extremely vulnerable.

Simile : Chapter Sixteen, Tom's Nightmare

"It was as though he was being buried alive."

Tom has a terrible nightmare that he was locked in a confined space with no air which made him feel like he was suffocating. The dream also makes him feel as though Willie is crying out for help.

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