Gone Girl


Audio book

Gone Girl was recorded as a Random House audio book, featuring the voices of Julia Whelan as Amy Dunne and Kirby Heyborne as Nick Dunne. It is an unabridged edition on fifteen compact discs and takes 19.25 hours to hear in its entirety.[29]

Film adaptation

American actress Reese Witherspoon's film production company and 20th Century Fox bought the screen rights to Gone Girl, for which they paid US$1.5 million. The novel's author Gillian Flynn was engaged to write the screenplay. Witherspoon produced the film version along with Leslie Dixon, Bruna Papandrea, and Ceán Chaffin. Witherspoon was drawn to the script because of its strong female character and its use of multiple perspectives and non-linear structure.[30] In May 2013, it was announced that David Fincher was brought on as director,[31] with Ben Affleck cast as Nick and Rosamund Pike in the role of Amy. New Regency and Fox agreed to co-finance the film.[32][33] The film was released October 3, 2014.


Two episodes of CBS's Sherlock Holmes series, Elementary, (S01E3 "Child Predator" and S01E9 "You Do It To Yourself") have similar plots to the novel. In "Child Predator", a young man believed to be the first victim of a child kidnapper/killer returns home and gathers the sympathy of the media and the police before Holmes discovers the young man is in fact a sociopath who manipulated his kidnapper and kidnapped and killed other children. In "You Do It To Yourself", a murder victim is discovered to have plotted his own execution-style death as a way to get revenge on his green card-marriage wife for having an affair.

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