Glengarry Glen Ross


Richard "Ricky" Roma
The most successful salesman in the office. Although Roma seems to think of himself as a latter-day cowboy and regards his ability to make a sale as a sign of his virility, he admits only to himself that it is all luck. He is ruthless, dishonest and immoral, but succeeds because he has a talent for figuring out a client's weaknesses and crafting a pitch that will exploit those weaknesses. He is a smooth talker and often speaks in grand, poetic soliloquies.
Shelly "The Machine" Levene
An older, once-successful salesman, who has fallen on hard times and has not closed a big deal in a long time. In Mamet's original 1983 stage version, Levene mentions his daughter as a final ploy to gain Williamson's sympathy in order to get better leads, though this fails due to Levene's flippant nature and their longstanding animosity. However, in the 1992 film version, Levene's discussion of his daughter also includes comments and a phone call to her doctor about her poor health.
James Lingk 
A timid, middle-aged man who becomes Roma's latest client. Lingk is easily manipulated and finds Roma highly charismatic. Upon consulting his wife, he becomes desperate to regain the money that Roma has closed on him.
John Williamson
The stoic office manager and main antagonist. The salesmen despise Williamson and look down on him, but need him desperately because he's the one who hands out the sales leads. He finds himself especially despised by Levene for the unpromising leads he gives out on a regular basis.
George Aaronow
An aging salesman with low self-esteem who lacks confidence and hope, but not without conscience. His frustration begins to boil up when the office is robbed, and he worries about being convicted based upon Detective Baylen's interrogation. Ironically, he and Roma end up the remaining two salesmen for the firm after Shelley is found out, and gives up Moss as his co-conspirator.
Dave Moss
A big-mouthed salesman with big dreams and schemes. Moss resents Williamson and agency owners Mitch and Murray for putting such pressure on him and plans to strike back at them by stealing all their best sales leads and selling them to a competitor. Moss sees Aaronow as a potential accomplice, but eventually convinces Levene to work with him in selling the leads to Jerry Graff, a local competitor. During his final rant against Roma, his indignation reveals that his jealousy extends towards even his fellow salesmen, and he decides to go to Wisconsin to avoid further questioning.
A police detective. He appears in the final act to investigate the office break-in and interrogate each cast member behind closed doors.
Mitch and Murray
These unseen characters are the owners of the real estate agency. They have set up a sales "contest" that has put enormous pressure on the salesmen to produce or to lose their jobs, in which only the top two will come out with prizes.

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