Main characters

  • Leon Trout, Dead narrator and son of Kilgore Trout
  • Hernando Cruz, first mate of the Bahía de Darwin
  • Mary Hepburn, an American widow who teaches at Ilium High School
  • Roy Hepburn, Mary's husband who died in 1985 from a brain tumor
  • Akiko Hiroguchi, the daughter of Hisako that will be born with fur covering her entire body
  • Hisako Hiroguchi, a teacher of ikebana and Zenji's pregnant wife
  • Zenji Hiroguchi, a Japanese computer genius who invented the voice translator Gokubi and its successor Mandarax
  • Bobby King, publicity man and organizer of the "Nature Cruise of the Century"
  • Andrew MacIntosh, an American financier and adventurer of great inherited wealth
  • Selena MacIntosh, Andrew's blind daughter, eighteen years old
  • Jesús Ortiz, a talented Inca waiter who looks up to wealthy and powerful people
  • Adolf von Kleist, captain of Bahía de Darwin who doesn't really know how to steer the ship
  • Siegfried von Kleist, brother of Adolf and carrier of Huntington's chorea who temporarily takes care of the reception at hotel El Dorado
  • James Wait, a 35-year old American swindler
  • Pvt. Geraldo Delgado, an Ecuadorian soldier

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