Esperanza Rising

What was Esperanza's journey like?

when esperanza was comming from Mexico to US


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Esperanza fondly remembers the first class train and her fancy clothes - but that life is gone. She is shocked when she sees that she will be riding in second class this time.

The second-class compartment is filled with peasants. Esperanza is stunned when a small, dirty girl tries to play with the doll that Papa gave her on her birthday. She is even more shocked when Mama scolds Esperanza for being so disrespectful and makes the poor girl a doll out of her extra yarn.

Esperanza notices that Alfonso and Miguel are carrying something in an oilcloth. Every time the train stops, they get out to wet the cloth again. She tries to see what it is but everyone refuses to tell her and urges her to wait until they arrive at their destination. Miguel distracts and annoys Esperanza by talking about trains, but Esperanza is filled with sadness whenever he mentions Papa.

A few days later, a woman named Carmen offers Esperanza some sweets. Carmen and Mama quickly become friends, exchanging life stories. Mama explains the family's situation to this total stranger, which Esperanza had always believed to be improper. When Carmen departs, she gives Mama two of her chickens in exchange for three of the table coverings Mama had been knitting on the train. Esperanza watches as Carmen exits the train and gives some money to a beggar woman. Miguel explains that people without money have to take care of each other because the rich only help themselves. He also points out that wealthy people in Mexico have fairer skin because of their Spanish ancestry – something Esperanza is ashamed to admit she has never noticed.

After several days, the train ride comes to an end. Esperanza, Hortensia, Alfonso, Miguel, and Mama arrive at the Mexican-American border. Esperanza and Mama get in line at the immigration office. Esperanza notices that the first class passengers get preference and speed through the process. Esperanza is nervous when she sees that some people are getting rejected from the border, but she and Mama pass through immigration without any complications. They board another train to the United States. Hortensia, Alfonso, and Miguel board at the last minute.


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Esperanza's life in Mexico is like , Rich,Fancy dresses houses vine yard with grapes but sooner after her house burned up of fire , Esperanza had a hard time in California