Edgar Huntly: Memoirs of a Sleep-Walker

Major Characters

  • Edgar Huntly--The protagonist of the story. His immediate family was killed by Indians when he was younger, and so now he currently lives with his uncle and two sisters on a farm outside of Philadelphia. He is betrothed to Mary Waldegrave. He is a wooden box-maker. He is also a sleep-walker, but does not realize it until later on in the novel.
  • Waldegrave--Huntly's friend. He is dead at the beginning of the novel, and the plot begins with an attempt to find his murderer. He had many philosophical ponderings, which he often wrote down. The papers are now in the possession of Huntly. At the end of the novel the reader learns that it was an Indian that killed Waldegrave.
  • Mary Waldegrave--She is Waldegrave's sister. The majority of the novel is a long letter written by Huntly to Mary. After the passing of Waldegrave, Mary inherits his belongings and money.
  • Weymouth--He is friends with Waldegrave. He appears once in the novel to inform Huntly that according to Waldegrave, Waldegrave's inheritance was to go to him (Weymouth.)
  • Clithero--A sleep-walker. He is also a tortured soul, due to the fact that he killed his care-taker's brother and then tried to kill his care-taker. Huntly at first blames him for the death of Waldegrave, but later changes his mind. After relating the story of his past to Huntly, Clithero runs off to live in the wilderness. He is later found by Huntly, who gives him food, and manages to survive the forest. At the end of the novel, after hearing that his care-taker is alive, flees to New York to go after her. His full name is Clithero Edny.
  • Mrs. Lorimer--Clithero's care-taker. She is described as a very charitable person. Because of her love for her brother, she claims that if he were to die she would as well. Upon hearing about the death of her brother, she faints, causing Clithero to believe she is dead. Her first name is Euphemia.
  • Arthur Wiatte--Mrs. Lorimer's brother. An evil character. He is killed in an alley by Clithero while attempting to rob him.
  • Sarsefield--Mrs. Lorimer's lover. He is thought to be dead for a time until he makes an amazing reappearance, and soon befriends Clithero. He spends time in America, and even meets and becomes friends with Huntly there. After the Indian attack, he meets and talks with Huntly, explaining the specific details of the Indian attacks and reveals that Huntly sleepwalks. At the end of the novel he has married Mrs. Lorimer.

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