Double Indemnity Glossary

Double Indemnity Glossary


A precursor to the tape recorder and often found in older movie scenes taking place in a business office, the dictaphone allowed users to start, pause, restart and stop speech which was recorded onto a cylinder disc for later playback.


To try to make someone or something appear more admirable than it really is.


Bearing legal responsibility.

femme fatale

A female character considered essential to the film noir genre who is characterized by an irresistible allure that drives men to commit criminal acts.

knock off

To murder someone.

double indemnity

The provision for doubling the compensation covered by an insurance policy when specific conditions are met, such as in the event of an accidental death.


As soon as possible.


An expert in statistical analysis of calculating odds based on cause and effect.


Petulant; irritable and cranky


An entrance hall or foyer.


Slang term for an old car.


A period of grieving following the death of a loved one.

bicarbonate of soda

Old-fashioned term for a baking soda treatment of indigestion or heartburn.

through the wringer

A term applied to subjecting someone to a prolonged and exhaustive experience to accomplish something when the same ends could be met in a much shorter period of time with less intense requirements.


A gut feeling; a conclusion arrived at through instinct rather than deduction.


A feverish state marked by cognitive and sensory impairments.


The deliberate and unlawful killing of another person, but not synonymous with murder with requires intent.


An especially brash sort of boldness.


Suspected of doing something, but not yet proven guilty through evidence.


The quality of being adequate or appropriate; an ample supply.

gas chamber

The place of execution in prisons in which the manner of execution was to kill through exposure to poisonous gas.


A deep and profound hatred.


A conspirator in an illegal act who must pretend not to be acquainted with accomplices.


Off the record; not for public consumption; private.

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