Disgrace Characters

Character List

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David Lurie

twice-divorced professor of Communications at Cape Technical University in Cape Town South Africa,fifty-two years old.


prostitute that Lurie has visited weekly for over a year.

Melanie Isaacs

student in Lurie's Romantics course who charges a sexual harassament complaint against him after having sex with Lurie.


Lurie's daughter who owns a farm and takes care of dogs. Lurie lives with her after he is dismissed from his position at the University.

Bev Shaw

woman who runs the animal shelter and with whom Lurie has an affair.

Bill Shaw

Bev's husband, who sees Davis Lurie as his friend


African who works for Lucy

Mr. Isaac

Melanie's father whom Lurie apologizes to after the incident.


one of the three South Africans who raped Lucy; Petrus' brother-in-law


the surviving dog

Elaine Winter

chair of Communications department

Farodia Rassool

Social Studies professor, chair of the committee on discrimination

Aram Hakim

sympathetic member of Melanie's sexual harassment investigation


Lurie's second ex-wife


Lucy's biological mother

Teresa Guiccoli

Byron's last mistress before he dies; Byron and Teresa's relationship is the topic of Lurie's opera


Melanie's boyfriend


Melanie's younger sister