Children of the River


  • Sundara: A teenager from Cambodia, who has just started a new life in America. Learning how to fit in, she quickly finds her place and meets new people and learns lessons of their way.
  • Jonathan: Sundara's friend, though he constantly teases and flirts with her. He is very caring and gentle towards her. He tells Sundara that he loves her.
  • Naro: Married to Soka, Sundara's uncle. He takes care of Sundara and loves her, and is more open to change than Soka.
  • Mrs. Cathcart: Sundara's teacher. She reads a poem that Sundara wrote out loud to the class.
  • Jonathan's Parents: Very accepting of Sundara. They are curious about her life back in Cambodia.
  • Cathy: Jonathan's girlfriend. She is very popular and seems to dislike Sundara, but furthermore dislikes Jonathan and Sundara's relationship.
  • Soka: Naro’s wife and Sundara’s strict aunt, is stuck on her Khmer ways.She seems to care more about who Sundara marries than how she really feels. Soka is also said to think of Sundara as a responsibility and not as family.
  • Ravy: Sundara's younger cousin who loves the American ways. He is very involved in her life.
  • Pon: Ravy's younger brother who is very similar to Ravy, but a bit more quiet.
  • Grandmother: Sundara's grandmother is very strict about the way Cambodia was and the beliefs she holds dear.
  • Kelly: When Sundara moves to America, Kelly becomes one of her close friends, and is somewhat like Moni.
  • Moni: A friend of Sundara who came to America from Cambodia after Sundara arrived there. She understands Cambodian ways and how Sundara is feeling.
  • Pok Simo: A Chinese boy that Soka is thinking would be a good husband for Sundara. Sundara hates him.
  • Mr.Bonner: A field owner that employees Sundara and her family.
  • Chamroeun: A Cambodian boy who was arranged to marry Sundara. Sundara loved him.
  • Valinn: Soka's sister
  • Chan Seng: Moni's boyfriend. Who ends up getting a divorce
  • Coach Hackenbruck: Jonathan's football coach
  • Jaypee Gloria: Friend of Jonathan
  • Kobe Gutierrez: Friend of Sundara
  • Cristian Carolino: Friend of Chamroeun

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