An Abundance of Katherines

Main characters

  • Colin Singleton - Colin Singleton is an anagram-loving seventeen-year-old boy who has become depressed because though he has maintained his status of being a child-prodigy, he has not yet become a “genius", although he has an IQ of over 200. Colin finds everything interesting, especially things that other people seem to not care much about. Because of this, it is difficult for people to relate to Colin. After only dating Katherines his whole life, Colin finally breaks the streak by dating Lindsey Lee Wells who he met on his road trip with Hassan. He is in search for his missing piece, as throughout the novel Colin feels as though there is a hole in his stomach, and he is looking to fill it. He is longing for his missing piece, and he is longing to matter. Colin spends his time striving to be unique, but with Lindsey's help, ends up coming to the realization that he is "not-unique in the very best way possible."
  • Hassan Harbish - Hassan Harbish is Colin's lazy, funny, and a tad overweight best, and only, friend. Hassan is someone who will always tell Colin the truth, especially when it comes to telling him his facts and stories are boring. Though he is smart and has been accepted to college, Hassan took a year off and at first seems as though he does not have any plans on furthering his education; he appears to be a major slacker with no motivation. He convinces Colin to go on a road trip in order to get him out of his depression after breaking up with Katherine. Hassan is Muslim and takes his faith very seriously, being careful not to act on things that go against his religion, until he dates Katrina. It is against the Muslim faith to date someone not of the same faith, but Hassan does it anyway. Hassan is an integral part to Colin's journey of finding his true identity.
  • Lindsey Lee Wells - Lindsey Lee Wells meets Colin and Hassan on their road trip in Gutshot, Tennessee. She is a paramedic-in-training who also gives tours of Gutshot. When we first meet Lindsey in the novel, she is dating TOC (The Other Colin) which is how she notices that she changes around each person and is never truly herself, until she starts hanging around Colin Singleton. Like Colin, Lindsey seems to be struggling with her identity as well. Inspired by Colin's ability to always be himself, Lindsey is eventually able to act in the same manner and finally becomes herself.
  • Hollis Wells - Lindsey's mother.

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