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A Long Way Gone Quizzes

by Ishmael Beah

A Long Way Gone Quiz 1

1. In what country did Beah live as a child?

  • Liberia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Rhodesia
  • South Africa

2. What was Ishmael Beah's home village as a child?

  • Kamator
  • Mattru Jong
  • Mogbwemo
  • Kabati

3. Where did Beah's grandmother live?

  • Kamator
  • Mattru Jong
  • Mogbwemo
  • Kabati

4. What kind of group do Beah and his childhood friends form?

  • a string quartet
  • a dance troupe
  • a rap group
  • a barbershop quartet

5. How old was Beah when the rebels attacked his village?

  • ten
  • six
  • twelve
  • fifteen

6. What sight convinces Beah that there is no returning home?

  • the smoke rising from the west
  • the desolation of Kabati
  • the lunar eclipse
  • the mother with her dead baby

7. What advice does the old man in Kabati offer to Beah?

  • to be like the moon and not complain
  • to forget his family and move on
  • to be like the snake and strike his enemies
  • to seek his little brother back home

8. Whose body does Beah dream he carries in a wheelbarrow?

  • Gibrilla's
  • his own
  • Talloi's
  • his brother's

9. What do the rebels call their practics of cutting off prisoner's fingers but leaving the thumbs intact?

  • "recruitment"
  • "one love"
  • "the hitchhiker"
  • "surgery"

10. What initials to the rebels carve into select prisoners' bodies?

  • RPG
  • RUF
  • SLR
  • RJM

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