Zlateh the Goat

Zlateh the Goat Analysis

Zlateh the Goat is a story revealing friendship between a boy Aaron and their family goat Zlateh. The family has decided to sell Zlateh and Aaron had to bring her into town to the butcher. But their way is cut off by a severe storm, which lasted for three days long. Fortunately they found a shelter in a haystack, and thus were saved from an inevitable death.

Zlateh had a lot to eat, and thus produced enough milk for Aaron not to die from starvation. Those three days became the most significant for Aaron and Zlateh in their life. Aaron became even more attached to her than he used to be, she became like a sister for him, a friend she could rely on. She provided him with warmth and food, and was the one to listen to his stories. The only sound she gave out was “Maaa”, but Aaron knew all the love and understanding it meant.

An important role here played weather. It was an obstacle for them to reach the town, but it became their survival. An unordinary storm which turned into a mighty blizzard gave them an opportunity to realize the most important things – meaning of friendship, loyalty and gratitude.

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