Wordsworth's Poetical Works

Discuss “Michael” as a pastoral poem.

Michael was circulated in the 1800 form of Lyrical Ballads. The sonnet is one of William Wordsworth’s best known verses and the subject of much fundamental written work. It describes the story of a developing shepherd, Michael, and his simply tyke Luke.

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As a pastoral verse “Michael” is the first attempt of William Wordsworth. It is the completing up verse of Lyrical Ballads. A pastoral ditty is portrayed as verse arranged in celebrated, routinely fake rural surroundings. “Michael” begins with Wordsworth taking us to the extraordinary place close Greenhead Ghyll, where Michael and his family live.

Wordsworth strikingly portrays the arrive on which Michael lives, making it appear as though heaven. Michael exists in a singular place in the valley among the high mountains. There is a little stream and by the side of that little waterway there lie some uncut stones. … Read the full answer at the source link



Wordsworth began his compilation of pastoral poems with "Michael." Pastoral poems, defined by their rural and artificial settings....... setting often marked by mystical, magical elements.

"Michael's" setting fits this description. The landscape is breathtaking, what seems to be Wordsworth's vision of Paradise.