White Fang

Why is the theme , "Love begets Love" important to the novel white fang? How do the charecters and there actions help the reader understand the theme that the author is communicating?

There are three main themes in the novel called White Fang and " love begets love" is one of them. How would you describe why this theme is important and how did the novel make the readers understand that theme?

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I think this has much to do with the theme of "romanticism". White Fang was written during the courtship and marriage of London to Charmian Kittredge and a romantic theme is part of the novel. Part V reflects how love can tame natural behavior and instincts. As White Fang learns to love Weedon Scott, this love produces a desire in the dog to do anything to please his "love master." This includes having Weedon's children climb and play with him, and learning to leave chickens alone, although the taste was extremely pleasing to him. Just as White Fang was tamed by love, Jack London was tamed by love as he began staying away from the whorehouses in San Francisco and trying to overcome a severe drug habit.