White Fang

What is kiche's role in the story, and how would you describe her charecter?

From the novel White Fang, I believe she's White Fang's mother.

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Kiche- the she-wolf who appears in Parts I and II of the novel. She is responsible for luring away the sled dogs for food for the hungry wolves. Kiche is the mother of White Fang.



Kiche - Kiche is White Fang's mother, also known as the "she-wolf." She is half wolf, half dog, and escaped from an Indian camp during a famine.



She-wolf/Kiche: White Fang's mother, she is part wolf, part dog. She was raised in the Indian camp by Gray Beaver, and it was this upbringing which enabled her to outsmart Henry and Bill so often. She takes many risks raising of White Fang, especially when there is no food. She goes back to Gray Beaver, however, and brings White Fang with her.