White Fang

Do you think that this quote, " The love master" best represents the theme love begest love? If not what quote would fit better?

Three main themes.

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I'm not sure what you mean? This is title of Chapter 20. Are you looking for quote from this section, or are you going to use the Chapter title?

Yes im looking for a quote in this section.

I love tis section, although it's found in Part 5/ Chapter 4. You might want to use the very last sentence for your quote, or the entire paragraph if you can.

Likewise he learned to romp with the master, to be tumbled down and rolled over, and be the victim of innumerable rough tricks. In return he feigned anger, bristling and growling ferociously, and clipping his teeth together in snaps that had all the seeming of deadly intention. But he never forgot himself. Those snaps were always delivered on the empty air. At the end of such a romp, when blow and cuff and snap and snarl were last and furious, they would break off suddenly and stand several feet apart, glaring at each other. And then, just as suddenly, like the sun rising on a stormy sea, they would begin to laugh. This would always culminate with the master's arms going around White Fang's neck and shoulders while the latter crooned and growled his love-song.


White Fang