Where the Red Fern Grows

Whats an example of strength/grit from Billy towards the end of the book?

Thanks i really need it, and if is possibly , also name the page number! Thanks a bunch

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The dogs track a coon, who runs back by Billy's house and along the partly frozen river. Billy sees that Little Ann has not been able to clear an unfrozen part on the river and has fallen into the icy waters. Billy is too heavy to step onto the ice.

Billy prays to God, and the sound of his lantern's wire handle falling and hitting the metal frame interrupts him. Billy gets an idea. He unhooks and straightens the lantern's handle, then attaches it to the end of a cane pole. Wading into the water, he hooks it to Little Ann's collar. He fishes her out, but her muscles are frozen and she cannot move. Billy's legs are frozen, too. Billy manages to get out and he builds a fire. In some time, Little Ann and he are restored to health. Billy thanks his lantern, and on the way home he silently gives thanks to God. (Chapter 11)