Tuesdays With Morrie

Describe the importance of love in Morrie life

Describe the importance of love in Morrie life
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Mitch asking Morrie about his perfect day and getting a response about a normal day ties in all of Morrie's lessons. Morrie did not want an extravagant day. He did not need to fly to Europe and dine on the best foods. Instead, his perfect day would be spent in his community, with his loved ones. This really proves Morrie's point (and a major theme in the book) that love is vital and all one needs to be happy.

After Morrie's death, Mitch finally decides to get in touch with his brother. He likely would not have done so without Morrie's lessons about love and family. Even in death, Morrie played a big part in the reincarnation of a relationship. This is ironic because Morrie never met Mitch's brother or knew the details of why they were apart, but he played the biggest part in getting them back in communication. Even in death, Morrie continued to change the life of Mitch and likely that of many others that read the book and learned the professor's final lessons.