Treasure Island

What’s found in Billy Bones’s pockets? What’s in the chest? What do these objects tell us about the old buccaneer?, Why does Jim’s mother take only the money for Billy Bones’s room and board?, What does Jim take? And why?.

Category: Treasure Island ,ignore the category or questionable I didn't find Treasure Island.

if you know all of the answers please answer them

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Tresaure Island is a category. I will answer your first question and correct the category. All questions need to be posted separately.

From the text:

I felt in his pockets, one after another. A few small coins, a thimble, and some thread and big needles, a piece of pigtail tobacco bitten away at the end, his gully with the crooked handle, a pocket compass, and a tinder box were all that they contained, and I began to despair.


Treasure Island

I m having difficulty in this question..This question is from treasure island..

Question is:

What's in Billy bone's chest?