Treasure Island

What other important news does Jim pick up from overhearing Israel and Long John at the end of chapter 11?

chap. 11

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Silver begins to recruit the youngest sailor aboard, calling himself a "gentleman of fortune." Jim is offended that he uses the same words to lure the youngest pirate that he used to gain Jim's friendship. Silver tells the young pirate that the life of a pirate is rough and risky, but worth it because of the great wealth there is to gain. More impressive, he tells, is that after this voyage, because of the money he has saved and the money he plans to garner from this voyage, he is going to retire and live like a gentleman. In the mean time, he has instructed his wife to sell his tavern and take his money to a clandestine location where Silver will meet her after the end of the voyage.After this conversation, Israel Hand, a despicable man, joins Silver and Dick, inquires when Silver plans the mutiny.