Treasure Island

The captain and Silver have disagreements. The captain disagrees that Silver is a captain, adn Silver calls the captain a deserter?Explain. How does each man’s position fit his personality and ability?

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At the beginning of the chapter, two pirates are waving a flag of truce outside the stockade. Cautiously, the captain inquires of what the pirates want. The man who accompanies Silver says "Cap'n Silver" wants to make terms, and Smollett claims he has not heard of "Cap'n Silver." Consequently, Silver explains that after Smollett's "desertion" the men elected Silver captain and he wants Smollett's assurance that he will not be harmed if he enters the stockade. Not happily, the captain agrees to his request. Silver calls the captain a deserter because he fled the mutiny. Certainly this speaks to the way the two men operate. Smollette works by the book so to speak. He is a rules and regulations man through and through. He has quite a bit of integrity considering his situation. Silver is the opposite. He is an opportunist who works in his own best interest.