Treasure Island

List four reasons Silver's men want him removed from power. Silvers response to these reasons.

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The pirates have four major problems with Silver. First, he made a "hash of the cruise." Second, he let their enemies out of the stockade. Next, he refused to allow the pirates to attack the enemies when they left and finally, he is protecting Jim Hawkins.

Long John Silver has replies to each of these complaints. First, he says that it was George Merry, Anderson, and Hands who ruined the cruise by upsetting Silver's original plan. Because of this mistake, Silver believes that they are all going to have to be hung when they return. In response to the claim that he is protecting Jim Hawkins, Silver claims that he is holding him prisoner. In reply to point three, he reminds the men that the doctor comes every day to help take care of them and that without him they would die. Additionally, someone will eventually come to the rescue of the squire and his crew and that is there only way off the island. Finally, Jim reminds the men that it was them who begged him to bargain with the enemy because they were starving. In conclusion, Silver brings forth the treasure map and the men become extremely agitated, fingering the map like it was gold itself. Silver resigns, but the men reelect him captain. Silver tosses the black spot to Jim who finds on one side the words "Without are dogs and murderers" and on the other side, simply "deposed."