Treasure Island

How does luck play a role in the novel? who believes in it?Who doesn't?what are some examples from the novel that support your findings

role of luck in the novel

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Chapter 7

"One of the main theme's of the book that begins to become apparent later in the book is the role of fortune in Jim's ability to become a hero. In this chapter, this theme is manifested by his ability to cut the ship away. Although he was not able to steer the small ship himself, because of the tide, he still reached is destination and was able, somehow, to cut the ship loose. Why is he not a strong hero, able to do whatever he wishes because of his own power? Cunningly, Stevenson does not allow this omniscient power because he is the hero of a young boy's novel and by making him able to be the hero only through fortune and luck, Jim is closer to the ordinary boy and the implied audience of the book can better relate."


Throughout the story, we see Jim as a boy who has the best of luck. Billy Bones just happens to stay at the family inn; Jim's mother just happens to open the chest and find the map; Jim falls asleep and awakens just in time to hear Long John Silver's plans; and later he just happens to bump into Ben Gunn. There's nothing like being in the right place at the right time to make a hero out of an ordinary kid.