Treasure Island

How do the squire and Dr. Livesey react to Mr. Dance’s account of the incident at the inn?


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After Dance leaves, Squire Trelawney explains to Jim that Flint was the most bloodthirsty pirate that ever sailed the seas, an Englishman who was far superior to even Blackbeard. Naturally, the man assumes that if Jim has a clue to Flint's treasure he will hire a ship and search it out. Excitedly, Dr. Livesy opens the packet with his medical scissors and discovers a book and a sealed piece of paper. The book appears to be an accounting of the loot of the treasure, complete with the exact amounts plundered and where he gained these. The piece of paper was a map of an island with words "bulk of treasure here." In the same handwriting, on the back of the map, was information regarding coordinates and how to get the treasure.

Although Jim was slightly puzzled, the two older men were thrilled by the contents. The Squire declared that he would immediately set out in order to outfit a ship and the three of them would go and search for the pirates' loot. The doctor agrees to the voyage but is scared of merely one man - the doctor, believing the man incapable of not telling others what he is doing.